Mar 23, 2007

Miki In A Short Leather Skirt!!!

that got your attention...but here's a 30sec preview of Morning Musume's upcoming PV for the single "Kanashimi Twilight"


craig said...

Wow :o

Now that's impressive!

Rikki said...

Strange. Risa, Koku, and Sayu all look several years younger than they are, as if they'd gone back in time.

pengie said...

Da-yum. I love the psuedo-punk thing they have going on, and the song sounds pretty good too. After "Aruiteru," stuff just keeps getting better and better :D

And I think some of the girls look younger as they have their hair pulled up. Risa without bangs makes her look twelve again D:

Verilian said...

:? Sayumi looks like she has an Elvis hairdo.