Mar 16, 2007

"Sex Packets"

sex packet

Biochemically compacted sexual affection, sex in a pill, comes wrapped in paper. You can get three for $10.99. Digital Underground refers to these pills in their song "Sex Packets"

Sex packets, a dollar or two

( by desplagues austin Jul 24, 2006, Urban Dictionary )

( Product displayed at end of vid )

I still don't really know what they are. Theories: viagra, aphrodisiac, or just mind altering drug (considered as enjoyable as sex).

(Shock G filmed By J-Sin Diablo of Late Nite Sinners.)


Garamond said...

I have a bio-whatchumacallit packet right here, with the words "For Natsumi Abe" written all over it.
And it's really bio-friendly and everything, did I mention that?

Tsuji Eriku said...

Craig you da man!

Sex Packet
pop one then pop one