Apr 6, 2007

J-Music Clip of the Week...Bonus Edition

Artists: Morning Musume
Single: Kanashimi Twilight (Music Station Performance)

Kanashimi Twilight video DL

gawd damn..look at Risa in this pic..looking mighty tasty in that tiny skirt and stockings..makes me wanna take her from behind and pull her hair!!!...aw..I'm sorry..Langdon am bad for saying naughty things about Gaki-san


CRaig said...

Plenty of upskirts and potential for future upskirts. Predict interesting* photos in the not too distant future.

* Not all that interesting really LOL

Langdon Alger said...

definitely ALOT of upskirt peeks in this clip but they're all wearing black shorts(i think they're shorts) under them skirts..thats just wrong!