May 10, 2007

Pic of the Day "Namie AV Lookalike!..WHAT?!!"

well she kinda looks like Namie...she has the hair down and the outfit she's wearing is similar to the one Namie wore during her Space of Hip Pop Concert Tour

Ami Yamazaki ex-Nezumikko Club - Amuro Cosplay


"While Ami Yamazaki is not a familiar face to many in the West, she may spark a few curious looks to those in Japan. Former member of the all girl idol group Nezumikko Club back in in the mid 80s, she was among the 10 cast members that wowed audiences on Fuji TV with their cute girlish antics, similar to that of the modern Hello Project group (Morning Musume). Now all grown up, Ami Yamazaki walks into the spotlight again, but this time as a sexy 26 year old hip Onesan who dares to break into the lucrative career as an AV Idol..."

not sure if you can see it the pic, but on the back cover the scenes are labeled as "Body Feels EXIT SEX" "Can You Celebrate Sex" "Wowa Sex" and my favorite "Don't Wanna Cry SEX"

and here are some pics of the hottest MILF in the Jpop world(sorry soon to be MILF Nono) for comparison

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd.

She looks way meaner than Namie.