Jul 2, 2007

Radar Online's Eyewitness: Fantasy Island

Inside Japan's surreal fetish clubs, perversions of every persuasion are indulged for the right price

Some nudity >) be sure to click "CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE GALLERY >>" otherwise it's pointless and you'll miss what I thought was interesting about it X) hehe:



Langdon Alger said...


oh..and SoG always said that a must for him when he finally makes it out to Tokyo was to go to "Club Mammoth"..I never knew what that meant but now I know

Tsuji Eriku said...

I'm sorry to say it but about 99% of those bitches in those pics are mud ducks to the nth degree man. Horrible man just horrible. Man them bitches would have to pay ME to fuck them.

Son of Gigan said...

Alger, quit spreading lies. I NEVER mentioned any "Club Mammoth." It was "Club Mastodon."

Langdon Alger said...

my mistake