Jul 18, 2007

Yo Yo Girl Cop

I stopped by Best Buy on my way home from work yesterday in hopes of picking up the DVD..the bastards didn't have it(thought Best Buy would carry the dvd instore since they had it online)..but thanks to some recon work by Eriku...I was able to get it today at Suncoast..yeah, I've seen the flick already but something about being able buy an Aya Matsuura, let alone a H!P related DVD from the mall made me a little gitty...plus I'm kinda interested to watch the movie with an english dub..I imagine it'll be pretty bad

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Langdon Alger said...

okay..so I TRIED to watch the movie with the english dubb..just couldn't do it..after a few minutes, I had to switch it back to japanese language with english subs..

oh and I have to say it again, Aya looks so damn good in the movie..hair tied back in that sailor suit and shit...hmmmm mmmm