Oct 13, 2007

F'N Sweeet

gotta make space on my wall for this..

"Family Guy and Star Wars fans can both appreciate the clever re-imagining of the famous Star Wars Style "C" poster recently devised for the Family Guy: Blue Harvest special. The original Star Wars cast has all been replaced by the signature players of Family Guy, and even the logo and credits emulate those seen on the original Star Wars poster.
ACME Archives is now offering a beautiful 13"x19" lithograph of this soon-to-be-classic image, which will arrive flat on a backer board and sleeve. This will be a limited edition of just 1,000 pieces, and will include a certificate of authenticity.
Don't miss this rare chance to grab an unusual piece of Star Wars cross-over memorabilia that is sure to become sought after in the future (word has it that Family Guy may be doing Empire and Jedi versions as well!)."

you can get preorder it at StarWarsShop.com

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