Nov 6, 2007

CJ's Video Of The Moment "How Not To Interview A Legendary Punk Band"

A rare interview with Black Flag, circa 1984. Henry Rollins' hair was already getting long, bassist Kira Roessler wasn't being dressed up like a punk-rock Madonna, drummer Bill Stevenson was still shaving, and guitarist/founder Greg Ginn wasn't hating Rollins and smoking enough pot to make Cypress Hill look straight-edge.

Step One: Never interview Black Flag after they've spent the previous 90 minutes trying to blow the roof off of whatever place they were playing in.

Step Two: Never accuse Black Flag of selling out in the middle of an interview.

Step Three: Just let Rollins talk.


Tsuji Eriku said...

Langdon you remember that dude Aaron in Spanish class? He was the drummer for Torches to Rome? Remember how he would walk around with big black X's written on the tops of his hands. So many girls wanted to do him & he was all "no I'm straight edge & won't have sex, smoke, drink, do any kind of drugs". I sure hope he got over that shit & got him a piece.

craig said...

Oh shit that is one grizly car crash of an interview, damn... ouch.

Rangudon Argeru said...

I vaguely remember know I have alzheimer's and its hard for me to remember things from high school..waitaminute...I took spanish?!