Nov 8, 2007

My Munny...Stage Three

I'm obsessed with getting this done...been working on it for about an hour a nite each day this's my progress since Monday...

created the "afro puffs" by rolling the sculpey into a ball then slicing them in half

it didn't look quite right so I filled in the gaps between each "puff" with more sculpey then baked for about 15minutes at 275 you can see..I also added Hasheem's little pug nose..

sanded down some of the rough spots on the afro..sprayed it with some grey primer then a coat of black spray paint..oh and I also made a little pick for his 'fro

all thats left for the head is painting it a flesh tone then drawing on the face....then I'm gonna work on the body...not gonna do anything special on that but I might try to sculpt a pair of shelltoes..

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