Nov 26, 2007

Tales from the Office:
Make a Move!

I work on the 8th floor of a big office building and can see onto the roof of the building next to us. Today at around 4:30 I noticed two people sitting on that roof. It was a man and woman.

Immediately, I called out to my co-workers, "Hey, check out this office romance!"

We couldn't hear what they were saying, but the dude was trying his best to look cool, he was smoking a cigarette and was sitting with one leg up and his arm resting on his knee. And the girl was sitting Indian-style with here head tilted--listening intently to everything he was saying.

The sun was starting to set, so we figured this guy was trying to score some points with his little rooftop-cigarette-break stunt. After about five minutes of watching him not do anything, we finally made a sign and taped it to the window: MAKE A MOVE!

There were about six of us standing there waiting for this chump to do something. But nope. The girl was laughing at his jokes, touching his hand, ...we don't know the full story, but it looked like she was interested to us.

While they had their little conversation on the roof, we were trying to get his attention (her back was to us, and he was slightly turned our way -- all he had to do was look up and he'd see us). We knocked on the window, jumped up and down, and even used a megaphone, but none of that worked.

Finally the two of them got up to leave and then the dude starts doing this stupid jig. It wasn't a' was just a couple steps where he bounced up and down...a jig. It looked bad. We were embarrassed for him.

At that point the guy and girl looked up and saw all of us. We started waving and they laughed. We pointed at our "MAKE A MOVE!" sign and the girl pointed at the guy, laughed, scrunched her face, and shook her head.


We laughed for like five minutes after that.

Below: Son of Gigan makes a move.


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craig said...

^ translation asdfghjkol

Javier Esteban Taco Julio Garcia-Sanchez, Sr. said...

I trust that you guys were doing your own voice-overs during the whole episode!

Son of Gigan said...

Hey...that's pretty slick. And she looks like she's loving it!