Dec 12, 2007

Pic of the Day "THIS is What Happend to Gyaruru" Edition

Paul Thomas over at Hello!Blog posed the question what's happened to Gyaruru?..well, I hate to break the news to you but, they've made the jump to JAV...

okay..not really but riding on the heals of SOD's recently released av title "Return To Show Business!? Shocking Comeback Of Original Morning Musume Girl Asami Konno's Which Happens To Be An AV Performance!?" KMP continues the H!P theme with 3 seperate dvd's entitled Gyaruru- Gal Sone(Konomi Takahara), Gyaruru-Ami Tokito(Hina Airi) and Gyaruru-Asami Abe(Moka)....and no I haven't watched these "movie" to see if they parapara while fauckin..

*****here are a few somewhat recent pics of the REAL girls of Gyaruru with Shokotan...oh and when are they gonna find a Shoko AV doppelganger and make a movie?!!..that would be quite interesting to see

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Radicalpatriot said...

Hmm. There's Tomiko Ami again. Didn't she also do a concert with The Possible this past summer? I like tha TNX groups but what is really going on over there?