Mar 5, 2008

The Berryz Effect

The subject will be Berryz because if I make it Momo it will be too much 'I love Momo'.

The conclusion will be that by effecting me Berryz have changed the destiny of the world.

The argument is Chaos Theory or if you prefer the Butterfly Effect, :

The phrase refers to the idea that a butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that ultimately cause a tornado to appear (or prevent a tornado from appearing).

An example I can glean from my own life is: I reject girls (on a psychic level) left, right and centre because with Berryz my standards have become so high and so DIFFERENT that most women I encounter don't fit the bill. This means romances that didn't happen, marriage that never occured and birth(s) that never will occur.

I hope this doesn't constitute too negative aproach to fandom but as always I am my own person and have my own way :|



Garamon said...

The Butterfly Effect is all well and good, but what caused the butterfly to flap its wings in the first place?
BTW, I'm very sceptical about the concept of "free will"...

Craig said...

Japanese culture produced Berryz; and Japanese culture is a strand of human civilisation; and humans are life forms invigorated by... life and the environment :P

& if your skepticism about "free will" is right then I don't blame you for that XD

minimonimania said...

Free will and chaotic evolution are two separate things, if there was any confusion of the two. And because free will is tied into greater philosophical concepts of mind and consciousness and whatnot, I'll talk about determinism instead, in opposition to chaotic evolution.

Determinism simply means that given a starting state of a system and all relevant factors that control the evolution of that system, it is completely predictable what the state of the system will be at any point in time. A popular argument that this contradicts free will, since apparently if you have free will, then the "factors" cannot completely control what happens. But this is extremely complicated, and so I'll stick with determinism.

Chaotic evolution, on the other hand, is not random (non-deterministic). It is simply a characterization of the behavior of a nonlinear dynamical system. If you are given all the relevant factors that control the change in the system, you can predict with absolute certainty what state the system will be at any given point in the future. It's just that small variations in the initial state accumulate into big changes very quickly.

So chaotic evolution is deterministic while "free will" is most often associated with non-determinism.

With regard to the "Berryz Effect", if you are saying that Berryz have complicated the system (you and your interactions with the universe) so that small, imperceptible differences in ordinary situations frequently result in large differences in how you interact with people, then this is a correct parallel to chaos theory. But it doesn't imply anything about free will or any other notion of nondeterminism or randomness.

I'm not sure if this was part of the confusion, but I felt the urge to clarify. :-p

craig said...

I think we have free wil... but I could be wrong :P

Tsuji Eriku said...

reporter: caveman...a response?

caveman: yes I have a response, uh what?