Mar 16, 2008

Happy Game!

Courtesy of Solano Mall, this wicked awful toy set is called "HAPPY TOY"...

Seriously, what's so happy about this? That's a wind-up dinosaur, King Ghidorah, and (if you look closely in the background) a plastic toy gun.

Another thing you can't see is the illustrated background of the interior packaging--it's of A MEDIEVEL CASTLE IN THE DESERT.

I wish I was able to get a clear shot of the back of the box, but I could tell the store clerks were watching me and I ended up taking an unusable pic. But trust me, it was amazing. The photo on the back showed a kid holding up the gun and SHOOTING A LASER at a giant version of the wind-up T-rex.

There was no sign of King Ghidorah on the back at all. In fact, there were actually two sets of HAPPY GAME on the shelf, and the second one had Mechagodzilla in the place of Ghidorah.


Tsuji Eriku said...

damn that's a good find, I know exactly where you found it too
the korean store on the 2nd floor with all the bootleg mario merchandise

Rangudon Argeru said...