Mar 7, 2008

The Mystery Method in the eyes of a Wota

The Mystery Method is a way of picking up girls as taught by a man called Mystery. You may have seen him on TV.
Details of the method I shan't divulge in great detail as that would take up too much time.

A Wota is like a hardcore fan of a Japanese Pop group.
Groups vary.

I want to argue or rather claim that the Mystery Method goes against a Wota's "nature" which is to idolise.
The main clash I can see is this idea in the Mystery Method of demonstrating higher value in comparison to whoever so that the woman will be attracted to you. This essentially goes against what a wota does when he or she idolises somebody.

HOWEVER there could be a convergence of worlds where 1) the Method has various ways of playing hard to get and 2) where a Wota really is to some extent genuinely disinterested...

I for one (if you're still interested after all my 'demonstrations of lower value') have been thinking that I should really think less about getting a girlfriend and more about pursuing my own interests... That way when I meet a girl I can be like: Either you're interested in my world or not (and if not then that's no big deal because I still have my life and my own interests to pursue).

In this way I suppose I contradict my first claim but there you go. Sometimes thought processes are like that.

BTW our own SoG has his own ongoing peice, that argues against "Game", which can be found here.

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J-pop vs. Metal said...

If you really want to pick up a girl I'm sure "the method" works on certain kinds of girls. Personally I'd rather die single than date someone that could potentially picked up by that freak. I only look at him when I'm feeling too good about the world. He's like a walking documentary on the Holocaust.

But real girls should not be treated like idols at all. I wish I could say how to treat them. I'm in love with Yossy who I not only would not describe as not my type, we have nothing in common, she's a huge pop star with probably little contact with reality who lives in a faraway country I can't even afford to visit, doesn't speak English and is almost certainly gay.

(I never really lined it all up like that...) I guess she hasn't been underage for a while...that's just another one of those things that's puts a girl out of reach I think rather than a serious perversion(within reason). You can't ever be hurt by a girl it's literally impossible to approach.