Mar 13, 2008

Reaction to Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita" (Part 1)


The main character describes a childhood almost sexual experience...

It reminds me how in my memory I have this (which may or may not be true):

When I was a kid a girl came around to stay over. At bedtime when we were alone she said 'Do you want me to show you how to have sex?' and she proceeded to do cartwheels (actual cartwheels not metaphorical cartwheels)... And memory has it that, without taking my pyjamas off, she asked if I wanted her to kiss my boner but I said
    'Better not cos it might be dirty'... I can't remember much of anything else except rolling into the gap between our two beds when someone came to check on us.
If your reaction to my reaction is 'WTF?' then I really don't blame you (I don't even know if this really happened)
this bit I think has something sweet about it:

The next morning when we were in the toilet/bathroom together she asked me, on the loo, 'Do you love me?' and I standing on a stool to see myself in the mirror, combing my hair said
    'I guess so... '

[Part 2]


Tsuji Eriku said...

so my mom had a really close friend with 2 daughters, we were around each other alot when we were little

one night the older of the two girls was going to stay the night & the plan was to camp out in the back yard, we were probably pre-school kindergarten age

when she came over Risa & I played in the back yard while our mothers had tea & talked inside the house, it was around then that I had the bright idea of going inside the tent & asking Risa to take her clothes off so I could see what it do

amazingly she did! but my little kid brain didn't factor in that our parents were in the vicinity

soon her mother began to call out to her because she was going to leave & she wanted to say goodbye, in a panic I hid underneath the sleeping bags while Risa sat there naked

when neither of us answered our moms came out to the tent to find me hiding under sleeping bags & Risa naked

my moms beat the shit out of me

Risa's mom started to yell at her & she asked Risa "why did you take all your clothes off?"

crying Risa says " because Eriku told me to"

her mom says "so if Eriku tells you to jump off a bridge would you do it?"

and Risa crying & balling says "yes!"

true story man, classic...I'm a pervert from way back

word, I've always liked the girly girls

Rangudon Argeru said...


Craig said...

:) that's really sweet Tsuji :)