Apr 2, 2008

Reaction to Takeo Doi's "The Anatomy of Dependence" (Part 3 -
Possibly last part because I'm almost finished the book)

So OK quickly, the book:

[...] but an individual is said to have a jibun when he can maintain an independent self that is never negated by membership of the group.

Which bodes well for those in Buono!

And, the book again:

A word about hysteria: it refers to cases in which the motive for the individual's behavior is to attract the attention of those about him which frequently involve extreme actions, the subject all the while keeping an eye on what is happening about him. Although this might seem "self-centered" in it's attempt to focus attention on the self, it indicates not the presence of a true self but a fear that unless the subject behaves in this way he cannot be sure of his own existence at all. [ideas were put forward earlier in the book that sense of self may have a social aspect] [...] if the circumstances in which the subject finds himself suddenly change, he too must change, with a result that he is prone to sudden enthusiasms and equally sudden coolings-off.
Again I think something of wota psychology can be seen there.

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