Sep 20, 2008

2009 Calendar Rundown Part 2

want a change of pace from your jpop princesses?..then hang one of these AV or Gravure Idol calendars on your wall for the next 12 months..and as always, if you'd like to buy any of the listed calendars below, be sure to click on the pics and it'll take you to the good people at

Yuko Ogura

Rio aka Tina Yuzuki

Nao Yoshizaki

Yuki Kawamura

Asami Yuma

Rina Akiyama



um yeah, I probably will not be getting anyone of these calendars, my nephews hang out in my room from time to time and I REALLY don't want to explain "things" to them BUT, if I were to pick which to would be Honoka's..she's sooo fauckin pretty..I mean seriously..even her fauck face is gorgeous

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beemer said...

It'll weird to go to jlist buying normal stuff and not porn >_<