Sep 3, 2008

Pic of the Day "Awesome Album Covers " Edition

pretty fauckin sweet...the image of Hogan is on the actual was released around the time of Rocky 3 and while Hogan was wrestling for Antonio Anoki's New Japan Pro Wrestling...unfortunately "Real American" is NOT on this record(this was pre-Hulkamania) but there are 2 versions of "Eye of the Tiger"..... for some reason

its currently up on ebay if anyone's interested(price was too rich for my blood) but there's only a few hours left

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CJ Marsicano said...

Man, that takes me back to the days when he used to come out to "Eye Of The Tiger" in the old WWF.

Saw HH three times - once at St. Joe's Gym here in Hazleton in the early Hulkamania era (St. Joe's was a frequent stop for WWE up until the mid-80's), then at WMX8 in Toronto (couldn't believe Hogan, as a heel, was getting babyface pops), then at a Smackdown taping several months later when he was back in the red and yellow.