Oct 26, 2008

Wizard #1

Wizard looks for demon portals and closes them with magic paper seals.


Cliff had spent a long time unemployed. 1 day an agency offered him the chance at an interview for the position of "Doorman" which he thought sounded easy enough so he took the chance.

At the interview Cliff discovered the position was actually for that of Wizard. This wasn't what Cliff expected but he had been unemployed too long to turn down the oportunity.

He got the job.

Part 1A - Training

Training was quick. The company always needed more Wizards due the number that were being lost all the time.

The students were taught the basics about demon portals and how to close them with magic paper seals.

By doing all the homework assigned to him Cliff was able to pass the Wizard test and become Wizard.

Part 1B - Field Training

Field Training was hard. The Senior Wizard assigned to show Cliff the ropes would get Cliff to try and close any and all demon portals no matter how small. It was more a case of working hard than hard work (Cliff was safe from demons with the senior Wizard by his side).

Cliff was relieved when it was decided he could finally go out into the field by himself.

Part 1C - Closing Demon Portals

Demon portals don't stay open indefinitely. Sometimes a wizard can prevent them from opening with a quick magic spell but usually they will open somewhere where the Wizard is not and it is the Wizard's job when he comes upon them to close them with his magic paper seals.

The portals are themselves dangerous and can burn or swallow a wizard forever. As soon as they open bad spirit begins to leak and negatively affect the environment.

Of course the biggest danger are the demons themselves.

Demons both come in and out of the portal and so a Wizard must always be vigilant.

Part 1D - Battle On Main Street

Cliff was becoming quite an adept Wizard. One day when scouring the land for demon portals he came across a big one on Main Street which he knew would have to be closed quickly! Straight away he began to conjure his closing spell upon his magic paper but as he did a moderate size demon began rush towards him. Cliff only having one hand free channelled energy through his arm to the palm of his free hand into the chest of the oncoming demon; the blow stopped the demon and reversed it's course but not before it could lash out and draw blood from Cliff's side with a slash of the claws.

Angry but not yet realising he was bleeding. Cliff began to shout a spell not found in any Wizard manual.

Realizing that it would not be able to defeat this Wizard the demon returned to it's hell demension just as the portal began to close itself.

Ordinary people were horrified by the sight of blood on the Wizard's side which is how he became aware that he was bleeding. Still the Wizard continued to produce a seal for the area as a precaution. It was at this time that he was spied by a Senior Wizard who commanded him to return to their castle. Cliff complied, throwing his seal onto the ashes of the portal as he left the scene.

Cliff's wound was only a surface one and he was soon fit for duty again.

Disclaimer: The characters, world and events depicted in Wizard are entirely fictional.
Any similarities to real people, places or events are purely coincidental.


Freefall Jones said...

Craig - this needs to be accompanied by some kick-ass, heavy-metal-style, black-and-white ink line drawings on notebook paper.

Freefall Jones said...

...black ink. Not white ink. DUH.

craig said...

ok i will try and draw #2 in my best Simon Abizmley style =)

Freefall Jones said...

daskjflaksjl -- can't wait!

Anonymous said...

wow, drawing is a real pain.

Here's what #2 might look like if I went through with it:


I think I'll stop now cos it's kinda hard and tiresome.

Freefall Jones said...

asdlkjgl;aksdjflaksj --- THAT'S AWESOME! You could just put it as the header image above the story.

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