Dec 2, 2008

Black Friday Booty

got some of my black friday orders in today...Span of Sunset had a damn good sale on their Bounty Hunter shirts and I picked up these 3 at 30% off...Super7 had a 20% off sale(with free shipping) on all their instock merchandise..I bought these two Real x Head Bero Bero kewpies..was planning on heading out to the Super7 store in J-town on Saturday to check out what cool deals they had at the actual store but I made a couple big purchases that left me even more broke..

Sharp 42inch 1080p LCD TV

got a damn good deal on the TV during's pre-black friday SHOULD be coming in tomorrow...took the day off so I can set everything up and get it all situated...if I didn't, it would have to wait till the weekend and having a 42inch tv just sitting in its box in my room would be a tragedy

Medicom x David Flores Mickey Mouse

this wasn't a black friday purchase but it came in today along with the above mentioned ish...what makes this particular one special is that when it was released(sometime last year) it was only available at tokyo area XLarge stores

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