Dec 23, 2008

My Garada, My Garada...My Garada and ME

my Xmas gift to myself came in the mail today straight from Japan...and it wasn't Rika's ass...its the Unifive Jumbo Machine Garada K-7..yes, I already have one but this is the original Japan release version(the other one I have was a US Previews Exclusive version)

the obvious difference between the two are the colors, with the US release having the original paint scheme as in the anime and the JP release being glow in the dark(arms, legs and part of the upper torso)..other than that, they are identical in sculpt and height..

I should be satisfied with having these two right?..I mean they're not exactly easy to come by and they're usually pretty expensive(I got lucky and was able to find both at a reasonable price) but no, their is one more Unifive Garada K-7 I must add to my collection for it to be complete

Gangu Jinsei magazine exclusive hand painted "black version" is my new holy grail...I've checked ebay with slim hopes of finding it there and I've searched yahoo auctions japan daily with no luck..I'm hoping it'll eventually pop up or maybe I'll stumble upon one whenever I make it out to Tokyo

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