Dec 15, 2008

Sex Note [1]

God of Sex drops a book in front of Darko

the god's name is Fyuk

The book can make anyone, anywhere, anytime, cum however you want just by writing it in the book

Darko tries it and it works

He uses it a lot

People on the net and everywhere call him Wanka

Police decide it's sexual assault and set out to catch him

To find him they need the help of a genius called F

F can all but prove that Darko is Wanka...


Anonymous said...

I've only seen the 1st Death Note film so I don't rly know how to continue the joke.

I liked the film BTW, I definitely want to see next one some time.

Rangudon Argeru said...

there's actually a JAV out there entilted "Meat Note"

Anonymous said...


*finds something*

*locks bedroom door*