Dec 5, 2008

YODC Yule Log: The Greedies "A Merry Jingle"

Holiday Greetings from YODC's East Coast office.

Back in the day, New York TV station WPIX used to air on Christmas Eve this two-minute film loop for several hours, only with a simulcast of Christmas music from their namesake radio station replacing the actual sound of the fire recorded during the filming of this clip, WPIX-FM (before stereo TVs were even in existence, let alone common, they'd encourage listeners to turn their radios on to experience the Yule Log in full stereo sound.)

Such was the phenomenon that even a fan web page is devoted to this Xmas special.

Well, it's a new century and now YODC, in conjunction with its cousin blog The Groove Music Life (hey, they share the same desk and laptop over in Pennsylvania), brings a VERY contemporary spin to this moldy oldie - eliminating the moldy oldies in favor of more rockin' tuneage.

We start off our proceedings tonight with members of Thin Lizzy (singer/bassist Phil Lynott and guitarist Scott Gorham) and the Sex Pistols (guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook) teaming up in 1979 to become "The Greedies", turning the perennial public-domain chestnuts "Jingle Bells" and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" into "A Merry Jingle".