Jan 9, 2009

Champion of the Week: Homeless Lottery Vulture

I stopped by the 7-11 on Piedmont Ave. last night on my way home to grab a drink and saw a homeless guy who had guilted some old white dude into buying him some food. After the old dude left, the homeless guy hung around to hit up some lady who was checking her lottery tickets. She won a little, and yes, "white guilt" forced her to pass over a couple bucks and then he left the store.

I got up to the counter, bought my drink and also a lottery ticket. As soon as I walked outside, I hear, "...hey man, lemme git half a million..."

Whut the hell? Now he's hitting up people who just bought tickets??? 

I just kind of laughed and sarcastically said, "Yeah...IF I win."

It was probably a millionth of a second before he replied, "Awright -- I'll remember you!"

What? Did I just make a verbal contract with this guy? Goddammit. Now I don't want to win.

But if I lose, I'm going to find that guy and punch him in the face for jinxing me with his homeless mojo.


Runner up: Tom Sinkovitz of the NBC11 News Team

During the local newscast coverage of Wednesday night's protest/riot in Oakland, newscaster Tom Sinkovitz made a comment, while an image of people jumping on a police car ran, to the effect of "...whenever there's a protest and you get that demographic out there..."

That "demographic?" -- really? I wonder if that's the new politically correct way to be racist.

And toward the end of the newscast Sinkovitz shot himself in foot again with, "...with an incoming Obama administration, you would hope that things like this wouldn't happen. But this is not about racism..."

Uh, nobody was talking about racism until you brought it up just then, Tom.

*the quotes aren't exact, a word or two may be off.

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