Jan 12, 2009

Diggin' In The Crates "Membership Has Its Privleges" Edition

A double feature today...

These two items are the first two releases from the Vinyl Collective Cooperative, a small group of 210 people (this writer included) who bought into a project helmed by Suburban Home Records and its sister all-record store Vinyl Collective. The idea is that the 210 unit holders (paying members) and 10 board members vote on what records in the indie/punk genres that have not previously been released on vinyl should be released in limited numbers. Each title will get a 1000-copy pressing, of which 333 will be one color while the remainder of the pressing (667 copies) is a second color. Unit holders, board members, and those affiliated with the participating bands get copies of the rarer color first; only 40 of the rare color along with all 667 of the other color are put up for sale by Vinyl Collective to the general public.

Artist: The Falcon
Title: God Don't Make No Trash ** Up Your Ass With Broken Glass
Label: Red Scare/Vinyl Collective/Suburban Home
Vinyl: 10" colored vinyl (333 transparent red, 667 royal blue)

Artist: The Jealous Sound
Title: Kill Them With Kindness (+ the band's eponymous EP on side 4)
Label: Better Looking/Vinyl Collective/Suburban Home
Vinyl: double LP (333 baby blue, 667 white)

A copy of the Falcon EP is already undergoing a dogfight on eBay as I write this.

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