Jan 9, 2009

J-Music Clip of the Week

Artists: Teriyaki Boyz ft Pharrell & Chris Brown

Single: Work That

Work That video DL
Latest single from the Teriyaki Boyz featuring Pharrell and Chris Brown, although you barely hear him in the song, not sure if thats necessarily a bad thing though...pretty weak follow up to their last single Zock On and defintely doesn't rank anywhere near the Teriyaki Boyz collabo with Kanye West, I Still Love H.E.R. That song still gets regular rotation in the Montero and on my cellphone, its my defalt ringtone..so enjoy the song, if not,at least the tiny japanese booty's in the PV

1 comment:

Tsuji Eriku said...

not as good as zock on or I still lover H.E.R. but this wins on the ass factor