Jan 2, 2009


sorry, this isn't about the NHK Kohaku Utagassen end of the year program..its japanese koi fish. my dad has a decent size koi pond in the backyard so I bought him a few imported koi for christmas..I got them from a shop locally that imports the koi from japan so they cost me a pretty penny but I think they're well worth it for several reason, 1)because, well..they're from japan(either from farms in Isawa or Niigata prefectures) 2)they come from "champion" blood lines which is a bonus if my dad ever decides to sell them cuz they could fench a price of a thousand or more..and 3) look at them!!..they're fauckin gorgeous!!...can't wait to see them mature and watch their patterns really develop..

these 2 are Kohaku Koi's measuring 5"-6"...in a few months, they'll be double or even triple in size
I was planning on just buying the 2 Kohaku's for my dad but this black one really caught my eye..its either classified as a Karasu or a Hajiro..you can't really tell from the pictures but it has a white belly, white fins and white lips...very unusual color pattern, I've actually never scene one like this before today

THIS is what I'm hoping the 2 Kohaku's will develop into(not my fish, found the pic online)...I'll try to remember to take pics as these fish grow bigger and bigger...I'll also try to remember to get pics of the koi already in my dad's pond..they're grotesquely huge as eriku likes to say..

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Tsuji Eriku said...

Those fish are mutants