Jan 6, 2009

Tales From The Office: Office Supplies

Question: What's the number one office supply that employees steal?
Answer: I don't know, but I've taken my fair share of post-its, notepads, folders, staplers, staples, staple removers, markers and pens (don't leave me around your cubicle).
Sometimes when I'm writing down possible blog topics in my bed, I have to turn and lean on my elbow to make the pen work. It is quite an annoyance. I wish there was a pen designed to specifically remedy that problem.

My wish came true.

Last night while I was organizing supplies in my home studio, I came across an old sketchbook from my college days. Trapped in the spiral binding was a pen given to me from my parent's neighbor while visiting them in Florida a while back. He was writing my father a check from last night's dinner and was showing off his pen. I asked him where he got it and he said it was a gift. I admired it so much that he practically begged me to take his pen. So I did.

I now show to you in all it's glory The Astronaut Pen:

It even writes upside-down and the astronauts use it (in space).


Anonymous said...

Dude, that's Seinfeld episode!

Rangudon Argeru said...

ha! did Jack Klompus give that one to you to?

Javier Esteban Taco Julio Garcia-Sanchez, Sr. said...

ha? what is this "ha" you speak of?

F'n Klompus! idk why my parents gave him a spare key to their house. he can't even get it into the lock AND we told him he has to "jiggle" it in!