Feb 14, 2009

Requiem for H!I

I saw a link for Hello! Island on the Feed of Pop's sidebar, I clicked and investigated. Going through it I came across the "Pedo Files" thread and freaked the fuck out. I even went onto Hello! Online and said it was the scariest place I'd ever seen on the net. There I was assured by some Hello! Islanders that it was not what I thought and that I was welcome to come have another look.

With some apprehension I returned and found that the thread was actually just a humorous one and that no paedophilia was contained within. I stuck around but I was still up on my high horse. My mind hadn't yet reconciled the way young Japanese idols made me feel with the way British culture is and was generally...

It was at a time that more or less coincided with me joining YODC. Maybe some of the crew here can still remember how racked with guilt I was back then about my feelings in regards to Koharu. It matters because I think with YODC's support I was able to get a better grip on H!I's humour.

I was a little too sensitive at the time to equal or emulate the humour (although I sometimes tried) but eventually I just got the hang of sitting back, letting it happen and enjoying for myself at times the very liberal policies in regards to posting... Other forums would probably break a stick in their ass if they had posting like we had on the Island. That's why and how most other forums became unbearable.

H!I was special. It had it's own rules that freed people and it had it's own culture. Today there is still the blog There is never a wrong thread to post a Risako. which is H!I to the bone, and today is Valentine's Day, and yesterday when the Island officially died was Friday the 13th ... I know we all try to find meaning in this life and when I heard about the death this evening it was as if stars really did cross for me, not just hypothetically given the 2 days but actually for real.

R.I.P. H!I I ♥ U

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