Apr 27, 2009

Diggin' in the Crates "Take the Coltrane" Edition

Last year, when I came back from the New York CD & Record Show in Wilkes-Barre, PA and showed off my newest aquisitions here (crossposted with my LiveJournal), a longtime LJ friend told me, "I'm super jealous of all your Coltrane."

So, after giving her fair warning with the mantra of Randy Bachman ("You ain't seen nothing yet"), I pulled out all of the 'Trane vinyls I had to date, grabbed my digital camera, and set them up like so:

From top to bottom:
  • A Love Supreme (Impulse!/GRP, 1995 180-gram reissue)
  • John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman (Impulse/GRP, 1995 180-gram reissue)
  • Crescent (Impulse/GRP, 1995 180-gram reissue)
  • The Coltrane Legacy (Atlantic, pressing date unknown)
  • Coltrane Live at the Village Vanguard Again! (ABC Impulse! mid-70's repress with green target label)
  • Impressions (MCA/Impulse!, 1980's repress, blue label, non-gatefold)
  • The Stardust Session (Prestige/Fantasy, 1975 original pressing)
  • Kulu Se Mama (MCA/Impulse!, 1980's repress, blue label, non-gatefold)
  • Coltrane Live at Birdland (ABC Impulse mid-70's repress with green target label)
  • Coltrane/Prestige 7105 (Prestige/Fantasy, 1987 "Original Jazz Classics" reissue)
  • Coltrane's Sound (Atlantic, pressing date unknown)
  • The Best of John Coltrane (Atlantic, pressing date unknown)
  • My Favorite Things (Atlantic, pressing date unknown)
  • The Mastery of John Coltrane, Vol. III: Jupiter Variation (ABC Impulse, 1978 original pressing)
  • The Mastery of John Coltrane, Vol. I: Feel Good (ABC Impulse, 1978 original pressing)
  • The Mastery of John Coltrane, Vol. IV: Trane's Modes (ABC Impulse, 1979 original pressing)
  • Alternate Takes (Atlantic, pressing date unknown)
  • Sun Ship (MCA/Victor, 1976 Japanese pressing)
  • Soul Trane (Prestige/Fantasy, repress of "Original Jazz Classics" reissue)
  • Blue Train (Blue Note/Manhattan/EMI, pressing date unknown)
  • Giant Steps (Rhino/Atlantic, early 2000's 180-gram reissue)
To date, I think I've only added one Coltrane vinyl to my collection since those pictures were taken, the 200-gram double vinyl edition of Impulse!'s archival Coltrane release One Down, One Up: Live at the Half-Note. 

At the end of the post, I warned my friend, "Don't make me break out all of my Miles Davis vinyls." I haven't done a hard count, but I probably have more Miles vinyl than I do Coltrane vinyl. Maybe someday soon, I'll do a similar photo shoot and blog post with those records...

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