Apr 18, 2009


HOLY SHIT!!!!!...this is how GI Joe should be..no red and blue lasers...actual bullets flying and people dying!!..not to spoil anything but the first ep has 1 cobra, 1 joe and over 10 million Russians dying...YO JOE!!


Anonymous said...

If that's an American production then it's the best cartoon I've seen out of America in LONG time.

beemer said...

Is this a movie version or a series? Damn Snake Eyes is cool.

Rangudon Argeru said...

its a series of 10 5 minute eps then will cap off with a 10minute mini "movie"

eps will be put up here:

or on cartoonnetwork

Anonymous said...

That site restricts video here as well...

Good ol' fans on YouTube taking the distribution into their own hands.

Videos to the PPL!