Apr 1, 2009

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

it's been over a week now since Miki Fujimoto announced that she's all set to marry comedian Shouji Tomoharu sometime this summer...I can't help but be jealous cuz well...you see, Shouji and I are just so similiar that it makes me think that if I lived in Japan, I'd be the one ripping off Mikitty's wedding dress and ravishing her oh-so hot body on the nite of our nuptials..

Shouji and I are:

*both 33 years of age

*both of us are asian with him, being japanese and I, being filipino with several of my relatives killed by the japanese during WWII...

*we're both pretty damn funny with he, working as a comedian and I, making fun of the people I work with...

*he has glorious flowing dark hair and I COULD have glorious flowing dark hair but I CHOOSE to shave my head

*he's in love with Miki and gets to boink her whenever AND wherever he wants while I too am in love with Miki and uh..."make tacos" while looking at photos and watching video clips of her whenever I want in my room....yeah, thats where the similarities end....that lucky sonofabitch

---was gonna post the miki slideshow I did a couple years ago for her bday but it got yanked from youtube...DMCA violation...BOOOOOO


jcorr said...

LOL: That was one of the funniest post I’ve seen. Imagine this exchange:

Alger: OMG Miki, I’m a such a big fan! I love you!!
Miki: Oh, . . . thank you
Alger: I mean, like I realllly love you!! Um, you know Miki, I may not be Japanese but . . .
Miki: Yes?
Alger: . . . some of my relative were killed by Japanese! 
Mike: [death stare]
Alger: Ooops . . .er, oh well. Say, do you happen to have Leah Dizon’s phone number?

beemer said...

Shouji Tomoharu is indeed one lucky SOB!