Jun 1, 2009

because the kid loves drama

One of my all-time favorite movies is Chasing Amy.
Not only is Banky's ranting hilarious but it delves into some real life relationship stuff.

In my younger days, if I found out that my significant other had been tag teamed by a couple guys I would never have been able to get over it. Kinda like Holden can't get over the fact Alyssa had a wild past in the movie.

I remember I was seeing this chick in high school, after running a freak credential check on her I was unable to dig up any dirt on her. After talking to her she told me she was a virgin, just how I like em'. J/K.
The first time I had intercourse with her my bedroom looked like a crime scene. Her blood was everywhere, I almost gave up trying to go through with the whole thing because I couldn't crack open the clam man it was shut tight. But after about 20 minutes of foreplay & me trying to pry that clam open I finally was able to handle my business.

Anyways, a few months after we hooked up she reveals to me that although she had never had sexual intercourse before she did go down on her ex boyfriend.
Now I was 16 or 17 years old at the time & I had some fucked up ideas about life & love & relationships & the world. I really thought I knew something about life.

I just could not let that shit go, it ate away at me. I swore that if I ever ran into my girl's ex-boyfriend I would kill him.

See I had been with a lot of hood rat chicks but I put my girlfriend/main squeeze on a pedestal. She was better than those broads I had been with.

As I grew, I realized there's more important shit to be worrying about.
Soooo, if I met Honoka & we hit it off. If she had a dope personality & she kept it real with me, you can bet your bottom dollar I would kick down with her. Never mind that she licked some dude's ass & sucked on some guy's balls & ate cum.

If she kept it real & loved me to death, I'd be down. Please believe it.

See in the movie, Holden found a cool girl, she was down for him but he was focusing on the wrong shit. Yeah I really do feel that way, he made a mistake by pushing her away.


Tsuji Eriku said...

I found a copy of the criterion collection dvd for $15 this weekend so that's why I posted this

Rangudon Argeru said...

foreals...honoka's the type of lady you can look past all the bukakke,ball juggling, these butthole pleasures, the rusty trombones, the dirty sanchez, these cincinatti bowties, the pussy juice cocktail and these shit stained balls...

she's that dope

Anonymous said...

u right... u right.

Beemer said...

Honoka is damn hot!