Jul 4, 2009

Another Quick AX Report

last day for us here, headin back to the Bay in the morning..today was less hectic than the previous 2 since we didn't have to wait in any lines..highlights were catching to unexpected idol performances..1st was at a booth for MangaGamer.com...they had 3 seperate idols rotating and singing songs from some of their games(I think)...they were pretty good but unfortunately I don't remember their names but eriku caught some video footage of it though and he'll be posting those clips up...this booth also had the BEST booth babes of the con too.

Second performance was from a group called C-ZONE..these girls put on a great performance and I was able to get some good pics of them prior to taking the stage warming up, stretching and such...unfortunately our internet connection at the hotel sucks donkey balls so you'll have to wait till I get back to YODC headquarters to upload them...in the meantime here's some clips of the performance I found on youtube..enjoy

and the wota's were out in force for both performances...half-assed "gaijin" wota at the Manga Gamer booth and the professional japanese wota for the C-ZONE performance..pics and videos for those will be eventually put up as well..and man, those nihonjin wota are intense

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Craig said...

C-Zone... they're good!!!

Looking forward to all that stuff you mentioned!