Jul 29, 2009

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

Every night, on my knees I pray,
"Dear Lord, hear my plea...
don't ever let another take her love from me
or I will surely die.."
Ooh, her love is heavenly;
when her arms enfold me,
I hear a tender rhapsody...
but in reality, she doesn't even know me

goddamn I want Risa..seriously, I want to marry this girl..yeah, I know, I've said that about Rika, Miki, ect..but I AM SERIOUS about Gaki-san..I am totally in love and I would feel incomplete without her in my life...I was oh-so close in meeting the future Mrs. Alger in person at Anime Expo but alas, the stars and the planets weren't properly aligned and our paths did not cross..but one day Risa, one day they will...Risa Niigaki-Alger everyone..

and I'm loving Risa's new hairstyle with the short bangs and shit...so kawaii

especially here...all up in a ponytail, ready for me to pull

aw god...my balls are hurting


Tsuji Eriku said...

Super yum

Beemer said...

Oh damn!

Mozenator said...

Sorry, mate. I met Gaki-san in LA at the Expo. It's all sorted. We are to be married as soon as she gets out of that tricycle maze, although I may just swoop in and save Mari from the humiliation and marry her instead. Poor thing, while Momusu Mach 8 is up there doing there thing, she has to ride around them looking like a fool to keep up her celebrity. Man does that suck.

Langdimus Prime said...

lol..you see the clip where Momosu along with the OG members sing "Love Machine" as Mari continues to pump her little legs on that damn tricycle? now that had to suck