Jul 2, 2009

Langdon's Day One Loot

like Eriku and SoG, I'm going on about 2hrs of sleep in the last 24hrs...after the long drive down from the Bay to LA, after wondering around the disorganized convention floor to get our convention passes THEN waiting in another line for an hour and a half just to get our tickets for the Momosu concert tomorrow(you would think that one would get your concert tickets the same time as your passes or at least in the same area but no..the AX organizers wanted to make it difficult for folks) I just had to treat myself to a few goodies

stopped by the H!P booth and picked up a "Morning Musume in USA" shirt, happy that they actually had an XL(I ain't about wearing skin tight shirts) but it was a japan XL which means its really a Large and also bought 2 photosets of the girls..all that for a little over $40..then stopped by the Japanfiles booth to pick up their latest single and album..was hoping to score a ticket for the autograph sessions but no dice...shit was sold out...BASTARDS!!


wonton said...

Someone better be taking a lot of pictures down there.

Langdimus Prime said...

that's what we forgot!!..alright, we'll take pics tomorrow

Beemer said...

The photos are the bomb.
Damn, you forgot the autograph sessions.
Please take some photos when you see the girls at the expo or something. I'm a huge fan but I couldn't make it.

Langdimus Prime said...

@beemer..i think we forgot to take pics cuz we were running on a couple hours sleep and were exhausted from waiting in all those lines:)

Craig said...

Sweet T-Shirt.
Sounds crazy down there.
Aftershave and anti-perspirant maybe in order. Just in case you & Tsuji get in close enought to smell the girls!!