Jul 11, 2009

Weinstein's Fusionfunkysouljazz Part 2

Gary Bartz - Love Tones

Gary Bartz was a very good straight ahead jazz alto saxophonist. This guy has played with the likes of Max Roach and Miles Davis. His music in the early 1970s tended to be spiritual and soulful jazz that had an African tinge to it. His music was very socially conscious and the African themes were based on unity and brotherhood. With the wave of disco and funk his music went that direction. Not what is expected of such an accomplished jazz musician, but it is still better than 95% of all music being played right now.
Check out this gem from 1975.

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CJ Marsicano said...

Very cool. Some of this starts to scream "smooth jazz", and the lyrics are a bit cornball, but the sax work itself is very nice.