Jul 14, 2009

YODC IV: A Voyage Home

July 25th

YODC's turning 4



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Langdimus Prime said...

vague? yes, cuz I really don't know what type of contest it'll be..hell, I don't even know if we have enough readers to warrant a contest but there will be prizes..nothing HUGE: momosu pics(the ones I didn't want ie. the ones that AREN'T Risa, Sayumi and Reina), your pick of a YODC shirt, maybe more..amazing right?

Beemer said...

How do I enter? If no Reina pics, I'll take Eri or Aika ones.

Langdimus Prime said...

i'll get the info up probably tomorrow and I'll set aside the Eri and Aika ones for you :)