Aug 6, 2009

Son of Gigan's Right on Time Anime Expo 2009 Pictorial Report

So it's been a month since AX '09, and here are my pictures. The wait will be made worth it by the fact that it will take you a month to get through all of these.

Final Fantasy XIII - on BUILDINGS.

And at night.

The LA Convention Center in the distance.

We're getting closer...

Two lovely young ladies pointing me the way to their respective hotel rooms, no doubt.

It wouldn't be Anime Expo without an appearance from MOON KNIGHT. Great costume, MK.

Naruto's rarely seen "Compensating Ninjas."

The star of the upcoming Miyazaki epic The Bluebird's Fannypack.

The GI Joe movie comes out next week, and I already like this Cobra Commander better than that one.

Cosplay Rule #14: Entry badge undermines impact of scary troll costume.

"Are you cosplaying?" I asked. "No," she said. "Snap" went my camera. I really don't know why I bother asking anymore.

Sorry Honey, I know you're all dressed but I can't marry you right now. I have pictures to take.

13 pictures before we get a peace sign? What's happening to this world?

This group also attended the Michael Jackson memorial that took place across the street a few days later. They didn't change.

The sea of humanity in the lobby. Fun fact: the entire group wore the combined equivalent of one travel-size stick of deodorant.


Uh-oh! One of these characters has been Raiden' the fridge...

Pop quiz: which one of these people will grow out of this hobby within the next two years?

My personal favorite costume of the weekend: The Shadow of Andy Capp.

One of these people with the expensive cameras may even be a professional photographer!

Or not.

"What do you mean I'm a little fat for a Gundam? My feet are as skinny as they ever were!"

This sleek, dynamic looking cosplayer was a marvel when he stood still. When he tried to walk he was less mobile then my multiple-stroke suffering father.

Finally, a robot programmed with the decency to cover up his junk.

What male Japanese pornstars do on their days off.

I believe that's Arcee standing next to the Michael Bay monstrosity.

"Hey girls, I have this great photo, of course I can't see up your skirts..."

What are the odds the guy in the bear suit is the same guy that was laying on the floor?

I got nothin' for this one.

Amazingly, I have even more pictures. I'll post those at a later date. Until then, time to get in line for AX 20110.


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The dude looking up girl skirts wins. Fridge was damn close.