Oct 20, 2009

The Day Before Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

Happy 21st birthday to my Risa!! Although my plan to steal you away while at Anime Expo this year didn't pan out, I'm still happy that I got to see you with me very own peepers but so sad that I didn't even get close enough to smell your hair :(
I actually love the way she looks with the short bangs or "fringe" as the girls call it

and when I see this picture, it makes me think of Hawaii..why you ask? cuz I want to paint the map of Hawaii on Gaki-san's stomach..heh heh heh

mmmmmm...I'm really hoping that Ai-chan is teaching you how to do the splits like only she can


supreme nothing said...

Always happy to see some Risa love! I think she's quite underrated.

Langdimus Prime said...

so true..she's topshelf in my book though :)