Oct 22, 2009


stumbled upon this while reading Peter-san's blog...

Motorcycle Helmet Hikaru Ichijou Type ~ Macross *Preorder*

"A rare find, this is a wonderful life size motorcycle helmet designed after Veritech fighters from the Macross movie "Do you Remember Love." Made of ABS protective material, it is a free size for those 58-60 cm (22.8 - 23.6 inches). Created by one of Japan's top helmet manufacturing company Tachibana Blower and is designed specifically to replicate the look and feel of the anime when you wear it. A cool piece of Japanese anime indeed. This specific design is the Red and White Teru Ichijou type.

Scheduled for release in February 2010"

as hot and sexy this would make me look riding around on my Bonnville, I'm gonna have to pass and pray to jeebus that Tachibana Blower has plans on releasing a Maximilian Jenius(Max Sterling) or a Roi Fokkā(Roy Fokker) motorcycle helmet too..I always wanted to be Skull Leader

EDIT......so there IS a Roy Fokker motorcycle helmet being released as well

AND there is or they already did release a "flight jacket" too

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