Feb 24, 2010

Hump Day Ai-Candy Extravaganza

as mentioned in last weeks edition of the hump day post, the very well endowed Ai Shinozaki turns 18 this thursday(feb 25)...so all those naughty-thoughts-you-had-when-you-first-laid-eyes-upon- her-but-felt-guilty-to-mention-so-you-kept-them-to-yourself, can now be said out in the open!

for me, some of the first things that pop in my head were:

1. Wow, she has a cute face

2. WHOA!...look at those things

3. DAAAAAAAAAMN!! she's a big girl but that's all good with me

4. she looks like she could be Sayumi's chunky little sister or something

5. SHE'S HOW OLD?!!!

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