Feb 17, 2010

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

February is an epic month..not only is it the month of my birth but its also the month that these lovely idols came shooting out the vajayjay's of their respective mothers..HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES!!

we kick the month off with a lady who I instantly fell in love with when I saw her dawning a school girl outfit and a machine gun for an arm...the very HOT Minase Yashiro turned 25 on Feb 3rd

we continue with 3 of the girls from C-ute. Nakky turns the big 16(which is just 2yrs shy of 18 by the way) on Feb 5 followed by Maimi and Mai celebrating their birthdays on Feb 7 with Maimai turning 14 and Maimi turning 18(which is epic in itself)

Feb 8th see's the lovely and oh so beautiful Nozomi Sasaki celebrating her 22nd birthday

the very under-rated(in my opinion) Ayumi Shibata celebrates her 26th birthday on Feb 22

one of my all time favorites, Mayuko Iwasa, turns 23 on Feb 24th

followed by the still oh so hot Mikitty who turns 25 on Feb 26th

and also on the 26th, the day that many of us have been waiting FOREVER for..the INCREDIBLE Ai Shinozaki also turns the United States legal age of 18!!!! praise the lord

so there you have it February may be a short month but damn..its chopped full of idol birthday goodness....yeah I know I know, there are more idols who also celebrate their birthdays during the month of February so my apologies if I overlooked them...but to compensate, here are a couple more pics of Maimi and Saki...enjoy

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Beemer said...

Woah! What an eyeful!