Mar 10, 2010

Recently Acquired

I needed to decorate my newly designated work desk in my home office(ie. the corner of my bedroom) so I picked up the FULLY POSEABLE figma K-ON! figures from Max Factory

I've never read the manga or watched the anime but these figures looked pretty kick ass, especially with the detail of their instruments, maybe thats why they're kinda pricey but I was able to find them on ebay at a pretty good price

Yui Hirawasa on lead guitar and vocals

Mio Akiyama on bass

Tsumugi Kotobuiki on keyboards

here's a close up of the keyboard..peep the details

and Ristu Tainaka on drums

here's another angle of her drums, they're made of mostly plastic(or maybe pvc) and diecast metal

very authentic looking foot pedal for the hi-hat

and a pic of the bass drum foot pedal

besides their instruments, each figure comes with several interchangeable hands, 2 additional faces, different pair of shoes and an extra bag, guitar cases for the 2 guitar players and a small school bag for the other 2 girls.......Max Factory recently released an Azusa Nakano figma figure(she plays guitar as well) so I'll have to get my hands on that one ASAP..once I do, it'll be like having my very own mini SCANDAL(plus a keyboardess) sitting on my desk! which by the way, is the main reason i got these figures


Tsuji Eriku said...

K-On is dope

Langdimus Prime said...

definitely worth watching then?