Jun 16, 2010

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

this is Asako Hara..she's from Nagoya but lives in North Hollywood now...she's a dancer and model that's appeared in videos for Snoop Dog, that chick Justin Beiber and others....and her favorite color is pink and she likes to shop, dance and eat....how do I know all this? cuz I've been doing following her around for awhile ok...no its not stalking..its called FOLLOWING..geeez...

but seriously, i'm not stalking her, yet.....came across an article on her while doing my daily reading of the Japan Today website..and I was like "WOW, she's pretty cute, let me try to find pics of her so I can enjoy them later"....and when I say "enjoy them later" I mean posting them on the blog of course..what did you think I meant?

check out Asako's website to see more pics and clips of videos she's been in

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Beemer said...

Asako is hot.