Jun 10, 2010

Recently Acquired

got my Super7 produced Super Shogun Stormtrooper in the mail today..got it a few days before the official release but that's because I'm an impatient bastard and did the "early bird" pre-order back in March

this is the box it was shipped out in..pretty fauckin sick but I was kinda disappointed in that it was all scuffed up and had the shipping labels on in..I mean its such a well done design that I would've preferred to of received it in minty mint condition

here's the cover art of the box..again its an amazing design..very reminiscent of the old Popy Jumbo Machinder boxes from the 70's and the Uni-Five repro jumbo figures that were released in the early 2000's

the unboxing...tis the first time me gaze upon this with me very own peepers..twas quite a sight.aaarrrrr

Super7 really went all out on this ..nothing half-assed went into making this toy..really taking into account the details of the actual Stormtrooper design and the features of the original Shogun Warrior toys..I mean its faucking shoots its fist just like the old Godzilla Jumbo!

and here it is, unboxed and ready to shoot its blaster at you or punch you in the face

would you believe that little Kaws Stormtrooper is worth more than the Super Shogun Stormtrooper?..and that Kaws one don't do shit!

had to make a little space on my already overcrowded shelf for him but...something tells me I'm gonna have to make even more room

HOLY SHIT!!! they're gonna make the Fett-man next!!! crossing my fingers they'll have a proto or maybe concept designs at the Super7 booth next month at SDCC


Beemer said...

The Super Shogun Stormtrooper is huge and mean, worth every cent. It's very important to pre-order these days cos they're always out of stock.
Kaws one looks shit compared to the Super7.

Langdimus Prime said...

foreals..lucky for me(and unlucky for my wallet), I live kinda close to the Super7 shop in SF so I sometimes head over there the morning they release something new but A LOT of people are starting to realize how awesome(in design and quality)their toys are so its getting a bit harder to acquire some pieces..specifically the mummy boys and vampire rose's

Jimmy said...

Yo boss, I like the new YODC web design and colour. It looks more badass. Keep up the good work.

Langdimus Prime said...

thanks Jimmy! I gotta give all of the credit to the new blogger templates :)

Anonymous said...

Langdimus - great review! Please drop me an email

The STORMTROOPER SUPER SHOGUN is now in stock and ready to ship.