Oct 18, 2010

Pic of the Day

hope you all adore Gakisan as much as I do cuz you're gonna be seeing a whole lot of her this week on YODC..why you ask? cuz the future Mrs. Alger turns 22 this Wednesday!! and we gonna celebrate up in this bitch with a pic of Risa a day..

apologies in advance though..most of the pics Risa posts on her blog, like the one above, are pretty damn small AND she's usually throwing up the peace sign in about every picture as well..some may find it incredibly annoying(the peace sign) but I LOVE IT..I love EVERYTHING about her!


Siggy said...

Isn't she turning 22?
<3 Gaki-san. I look forward to the pics that you'll be putting up


Langdimus Prime said...

aw shit..you're right! my bad

Beemer said...

Langdimus, your future wife is hot.

Langdimus Prime said...

thanks..i think ALL my future wives are I hot ;)