Nov 5, 2010

Pic of the Day

Apparently, these pics of Reina, Sayu and Eri are causing a bit of an "international incident" between Japan and Korea or I should say between Jpop and Kpop's the dirt:

"Koreans are making a big issue out of this right now. Sigh. Reina wanted Eri to come up with an interesting theme to pose for a two-shot, so Eri suggested they do the pose they're doing in the photo saying it's what she thinks of Korean people. Reina doesn't really agree with Eri but goes along with it anyway, thinking with the recent Korean boom in Japan this is what Eri saw and thought about Koreans. She then posted another entry with Sayu doing the same poses she did with Eri.

The trouble is, apparently in Japan that particular pose lifting the eyeline upwards is a derogatory gesture towards Koreans, and it's making many Koreans (even those who proclaim to be 'fans', who are really just glad that they found something to bash Japan about) angry. The sad thing is, MM are quite popular among Korean fans who are into J-Pop, especially the GoRokkies, and ignoring how the members have been talking too much about being into Korean stuff lately they're forming the opinion that MM are racist towards Koreans. As of now both Sayu and Reina's blogs have stopped updating while the problematic posts on Reina's blog have been deleted (yeah, after it was already too late), and their manager has also stopped tweeting. I guess they didn't realise how serious the issue was until the day after Reina posted them, and possibly they're discussing how to respond, whether it be Reina (and Sayu?) post an entry apologising for the whole thing or UFA release a statement, or whatever."

and because of all this nonsense, Sayumi and Reina suspended they're blogging duties for few days, which is a travesty in itself, and had to issue an apology to appease those chinky eyed Koreans

but seriously folks, can we just stop all this bickering, listen to our pop music and continue worshiping these idols that we adore? cuz really, aren't we all just a little chinky eyed deep down inside?


Beemer said...

I support my idols on this one.
Anybody knows Koreans are hyper sensitive.
Because of this shit, Reina hasn't blog for days. I'm pissed.

Langdimus Prime said...

you nailed it right on the head my friend..those Koreans ARE hyper sensitive. you ever visit Tokyohive or Allkpop and read their comments? man, talk about annoying

but you know, they're all wound up now, with the kimchee shortage and all :)

Beemer said...

I officially hate Koreans, Reina hasn't even blogged on her Bday because of this.

Langdimus Prime said...

LOL!! yeah I was highly disappointed to see that Reina hadn't returned to her blog yet. I wonder whats going on? Sayumi went back to blogging shortly after she made her apology.

I need my daily dose of Reina blog entries! but more importantly, Reina blog pics

Beemer said...

OMG, OMG! Reina has updated! Hurry up and check it out, Langdimus!

Langdimus Prime said...

lol..we must've looked at her blog around the same time :) so happy that she' back blogging so I can once again have my daily dose of Tanaka goodness