Dec 17, 2010

Pic of the Day

Eri and the Panda's have officially moved on from Morning Musume..watched a few clips from their graduation concert, it was quite sad seeing the girls cry but very sexy at the same time.. seemed like the girls grew closer and gelled real well after Koharu left(kinda makes you wonder why)...anyways, with the departure of the 3, we now have, in my opinion, the hotest Momosu lineup EVER: Risa, Sayumi, Ai and Reina?!! fuuuuuuuuuck..they should rename the group Langdon's Harem

wait a second, Aika's still in the group?! goddamnit


Beemer said...

Yeah, where's Aika? LOL

Beemer said...

I just realised someone photoshopped and cut Aika's image out. Haha! Laughing so hard!