Feb 2, 2011

Hump Day J-Music Eye Candy Clip Extravaganza of the Week

not sure if I like C-ute's new single "Kiss me Aishiteru" yet, I guess I gotta give it a few more listens to decide but, I REALLY do like the PV...my lawd

all the girls are looking incredible, particularly Saki Nakajima, who turns 17 this Saturday(2/5) by the way, just had to put that out there

have I ever mentioned that I'm quite fond of Nakki?..mmmmm Nakki


Chris Hansen said...

Seeing this live last month in Japan during the Winter Concert was surreal. I was mesmerized by Maimi's and Airi's swiveling hips during the chorus. God I love Japan.

Langdimus Prime said...

love your screen name..lol

Beemer said...

Nose bleed PV.

Happy Birthday to Nakki.

Chris Hansen said...

Happy Birthday Nakki!
Any of you guys going to Seattle this April to see Berryz?

Langdimus Prime said...

@chris: most likely not, since I don't follow Berryz as much, although seeing Risako up close would be incredible..do you plan on going?

Chris Hansen said...

for sure, already got my airfare + hotel reserved. If its anything like the last Sakura-con when Hangry and Angry came out it should be a blast. Concert + QA + Autograph/Handshake session is money well spent. Sure beats the hell outta flying to Japan to see them live.